Pigeon Pie


Pigeon Pie and Other Tasty Tales is a volume of short stories, as varied as it is thought provoking; with no real theme except that each has a slightly twisted tail.


The book contains stories of the supernatural, such as Elize, The Feast of Bessie Brandon and The Bogeyman, whilst equally as dark are the psychological vampire story Bloodline; and The New Year’s Resolution and The Birthday, both of which look at the difficult subject of suicide.


The Return of Anna Pavlova is a sad little tale of shattered dreams; in contrast Cross Lines is lighter and more amusing. Slightly different are The Mummy Angel, Night The Music Died and The Vision, which are stories about hope and resurrection. Different too are The Grotto and The Windsorton Diamond Mystery, which are straightforward detective stories.


And so to Pigeon Pie, after which the volume is named; like The Talking Goose, which is set in medieval Europe, Pigeon Pie can best be described as a bizarre tale, lightly spiced with humour!


Enjoy all these tasty tales, but take them with a pinch of salt!



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